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Strongtalk VM for Ruby?

RubyConf 2006 wrapped up last weekend, with one of the most debated topics being Ruby 2.0 and the need for a new virtual machine. Adding fuel to the fire was the announcement that Ruby 2.0 would eliminate (temporarily?) support for continuations and green threads.
This announcement came down from the top, by both Matz and [...]

Firefox 2

Firefox 2 was officially released today. I’m currently using the new browser to write this very post, and I must say that this version is incredible. The browser runs faster, looks sleeker, and has terrific new features, including spell checking on web forms, handy for web-based email and blogging!
Included in the buzz surrounding [...]

37signals on Apple

Apple is running a series of articles entitled “Why Mac” on their higher education site. In Why Mac for Computer Science, they feature 37signals, creators of the popular Ruby on Rails framwork, as well as web applications including Basecamp and Backpack. Included in the feature is a short video, spotlighting both Jason Fried [...]

The Message Passing Web

Objective-C is hands-down my favorite programming language. Even though I was taught primarily C++ in college, and indeed spend most of my time coding in that language, I consider knowledge of Objective-C to have given me the most useful insights into software design and architecture.
My Objective-C leanings lead me to use Ruby as a [...]

Office 2.0.1

As a follow on to my entry on the opening day of the Office 2.0 Conference, I thought I’d take a look at the challenges facing both office 2.0 applications and the enterprises seeking to adopt 2.0 methodologies. For background, I recommend reading the post show analysis from IT|Redux, where Ismael Ghalimi presents a [...]