Firefox 2

Firefox 2 was officially released today. I’m currently using the new browser to write this very post, and I must say that this version is incredible. The browser runs faster, looks sleeker, and has terrific new features, including spell checking on web forms, handy for web-based email and blogging!

Included in the buzz surrounding the release are a couple of noteworthy articles. Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla, wrote an entry on her blog that highlights the ideals and features that make Firefox special. Read/WriteWeb has an interview with Chris Beard, VP of Products at Mozilla.

I’m reminded of Firefox 1.0, which was released almost two years ago, on November 9, 2004. As part of the marketing effort for that release, Mozilla placed a two-page ad in the December 16th edition of The New York Times. Much of the funding for that ad came from donations by the community, including a small $20 contribution made by myself. As an incentive, contributors names were printed in the advertisement, which is available as a PDF.

Since that initial release, Firefox has grown to have over 70 million users. It spurred a new wave of innovation on the web, and serves as a driving force in moving the browser towards a full-fledged platform. Congratulations to the team at Mozilla, and thank you for your efforts.

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