Sleigh Bells and Shaking

Apparently there is a major snowstorm in Colorado which has caused Denver International to close. According to, as many as 3,000 people are stranded at the airport. The latest flight delay information from the FAA states that it is not known when DIA will reopen. As luck would have it, I’m scheduled to land there tomorrow afternoon at 2:30.

EarthquakeOf course, my father is always on top of these things, and he had left a message on my answering machine informing me of these events, which greeted me when I arrived home from work. I immediately called my parents to discuss the change in holiday travel plans. While on the phone, a 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck near Berkeley. So, my parents got to experience their first earthquake from over 1,700 miles away. An early Christmas present.

I’ve spent the remainder of the night trying to reach a representative at United Airlines. Each call has informed me that all circuits are busy. I guess I’ll show up at Oakland International tomorrow morning and see what the situation is. Stay tuned.


Backdrifter: Sleigh Bells and Shaking, Continued
December 22, 2006 at 11:40 PM

[...] Well, this has certainly been an interesting holiday. Another 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck again tonight, in about the same location as two nights ago. This one seemed to last a shorter amount of time, but it shook things around a bit more. All in all, minor, yet Mother Nature sure can make her presence known. [...]


Lonna Hanson
December 23, 2006 at 7:57 AM

I agree, it has been and interesting holiday. Thursday morning, at school, I kept Mr. Walsh and Brad Franken entertained with the “earthquake” story. In fact Dad was there with me and he told most of the story. Then school was cancelled and I returned home for the day. Not that much snow here, just ice. Can’t wait to see you tonight.

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