Sleigh Bells and Shaking, Continued

EarthquakeWell, this has certainly been an interesting holiday. Another 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck again tonight, in about the same location as two nights ago. This one seemed to last a shorter amount of time, but it shook things around a bit more. All in all, minor, yet Mother Nature sure can make her presence known.

In times like this, the USGS’s recent earthquakes page for the San Francisco Bay area can be a handy resource. The past two days’ quakes have occurred on the Hayward Fault, which is currently considered the most dangerous fault in the region. Wikipedia has a fascinating article full of information about the fault. It is well worth the read.

In related news, I’ve scheduled a new flight back to South Dakota for the holidays, this time on Northwest Airlines with a connecting flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International. I’m looking forward to being back home for a few days, resting and relaxing with the family. Hopefully things are still standing when I get back.


December 23, 2006 at 6:07 AM

I hope things are standing too! Might be nice to get out of there for a few days.

Lonna Hanson
December 23, 2006 at 7:52 AM

Can’t wait to have you back in South Dakota, Jared. Have a wonderful trip, back. Glad you have your connecting flight in Minneapolis, and can avoid Denver. It is probably still in a bit of chaos from the past few days. Trent is flying into Denver this morning, for a connecting flight to Rapid City to arrive there at about 3:30. Linda called yesterday to see if you had gotten stranded in Denver. If so, and if they had to drive to Denver to get Trent, they were going to pick you up, too and get you as far as Custer for the holidays. Sure was thoughtful of her. See you tonight.

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