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Chrysalis 0.1.0 Is Out

Last night I released the initial version of Chrysalis, a simple, yet powerful dependency manager built on Ruby and Rake. This morning, the gem has circulated out to the mirrors, so the launch is off the ground.
I’ve long thought that building applications, along with their dependencies, could be easier and more efficient. Chrysalis [...]

Google RE<C

Today, Google announced a new initiative, dubbed RE<C, the aim of which is to develop renewable energy sources that will generate electricity at a cheaper cost than coal. Combined with the philanthropic arm of, they expect to spend tens of millions of dollars, in 2008, on research and development as well as [...]

Apple Store Experience

I just got back from the Apple Store, Bay Street, where I picked up a copy of Mac OS X Leopard. I find myself in an Apple Store on a relatively frequent basis, yet each time I’m struck by the experience, which is always exquisitely crafted.
Apple’s attention to detail isn’t left unrewarded. Their [...]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1

I’ve finally upgraded the WordPress installation powering my weblog to 2.3.1, the latest available version. I was previously on 2.0.4, which, originally installed over a year ago, was archaic in Internet time.
I used the opportunity to factor out some of the elements of the website into WordPress plugins. That involved some interesting under-the-hood [...]

5.6 Quake Shakes the Bay Area

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 jolted the San Francisco Bay Area tonight, shortly after 8 o’clock. Even from my location Berkeley, just shy of 50 miles from the quake’s epicenter near San Jose, the shaking was very noticeable and lasted around 10 to 15 seconds.
I’ve been following the USGS’s list of recent [...]