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Nintendo Wii is Awesome!

I finally got ahold of a Nintendo Wii this morning. The Wii has been a hot ticket item everywhere, and nearly impossible to find around the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve kept my eyes open, checking the video game section whenever I happened to be in Best Buy or Target. Of course, [...]

Ruby on Rails 1.2 Released

Ruby on Rails 1.2 has been released! This is the latest version of the popular framework for building web applications. Coinciding with this release of Rails 1.2 is the release of Prototype 1.5. Prototype is the JavaScript framework that powers the rich functionality of many web applications.
Ruby on Rails dramatically altered the [...]

Sling Media at CES

2007 International CES wrapped up today, and the announcements I found most interesting came from Sling Media. Sling Media are the makers of Slingbox, a gadget that broadcasts video signals over the Internet. By connecting the box to your cable outlet, you can tune into local television from anywhere you can get an [...]

Macworld San Francisco 2007

I managed to make my way to Macworld this morning. I wandered around the exhibition hall in Moscone South for a couple of hours, admiring the latest wares from Apple and the other companies in attendance.
Apple’s focus was clearly centered on Apple TV and iPhone. There were a couple of iPhones on display, [...]

Apple Announces iPhone and Apple TV

Apple certainly did not disappoint at this year’s Macworld. Anticipation and expectations were running exceedingly high for this years expo, where during his keynote, Steve Jobs announced Apple TV and the long-rumored iPhone.
The Apple TV had been previously announced, under the code-name iTV. It’s a set-top box that lets movies downloaded from iTunes [...]