Apple Announces iPhone and Apple TV

Apple certainly did not disappoint at this year’s Macworld. Anticipation and expectations were running exceedingly high for this years expo, where during his keynote, Steve Jobs announced Apple TV and the long-rumored iPhone.

The Apple TV had been previously announced, under the code-name iTV. It’s a set-top box that lets movies downloaded from iTunes be watched on a widescreen TV. It’s also capable of playing music from iTunes and displaying photos stored in iPhoto.

The highlight of the keynote, however, was iPhone. It combines a mobile phone, an iPod, and Internet connectivity into a single unit. It does all that with Apple’s signature ease-of-use and revolutionary thinking. The QuickTours available at the iPhone site are amazing. This device is stunning.

The iPhone will be available in June from Cingular, its exclusive carrier. I’m currently a Verizon customer, but that may soon change. I’ve recently been considering switching carriers, in order to upgrade to a BlackBerry Pearl. However, I may put that off and wait for the iPhone’s release.

The keynote address from Macworld San Francisco 2007 is available for viewing online. I’m about to watch it right now…

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