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Earthquake in Berkeley

A 3.4 magnitude earthquake centered in Berkeley struck at 3:46 this afternoon. I was at the office during the quake, in a building which I suspect is not all that seismically sound. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but being on the second floor heightens the sensation a bit.
The quake was located [...]

Axis2/C Static Deployment Engine

One of my duties at Aspera is developing the SOAP-based web services that are offered as part of our SDK. To that end, I’ve recently been rewriting our services in order to utilize Axis2/C, which, in my opinion, is one of the best architected open source SOAP stacks.
Like most SOAP frameworks, Axis2/C makes heavy [...]

Windows Vista Launches – Few Care

After spending billions of dollars and 5 years in development, Microsoft launched Windows Vista on Tuesday. While a massive marketing effort is underway, few people are taking interest. Businesses are putting the system through internal testing, in an attempt to minimize headaches due to incompatibilities with crucial applications. Consumers, meanwhile, are best [...]