Windows Vista Launches – Few Care

After spending billions of dollars and 5 years in development, Microsoft launched Windows Vista on Tuesday. While a massive marketing effort is underway, few people are taking interest. Businesses are putting the system through internal testing, in an attempt to minimize headaches due to incompatibilities with crucial applications. Consumers, meanwhile, are best off waiting to upgrade until they need to purchase a new PC.

Despite being the largest technology company in existence, Microsoft’s latest products fail to generate the enthusiasm or disruptive impact of competing offerings. Apple is consistently defining the cutting edge of user interface and experience, Google is conquering the Internet and distributed computing, and open source development is rewriting the rules of software engineering.

Two interesting articles, both from SeekingAlpha, highlight the change that is underway. The first, Vista: End of a Revolution by Carl Howe, recounts the dawn of the PC era, a revolution that Microsoft helped usher in. Since then, time has passed, Microsoft established its dominance, and a new power structure emerged:

What began as the democratization of computing … has now become a distraction from getting work done. Rather than freeing …, PCs now are the policemen …, ensuring that no one moves too fast or too far from what’s approved.

Today, a different revolution is underway:

It is time for another worker rebellion. But this time, the tools are different. … Today’s rebel is wearing a Google T-shirt, carrying an Apple laptop and promoting their company from a Linux infrastructure they don’t even own.

Dan Farber picks up with Google’s enterprise efforts. He quotes Kevin Gough, enterprise product manager at Google.

“At Google Enterprise we look at consumer technology and figure out what is relevant for business.”

A true revolution brings power to the people. This time it is the Internet and Google, not Microsoft, doing just that.


Lonna Hanson
February 2, 2007 at 11:31 AM

I heard that Vista had been released when I was watching Good Morning KELO land while I was doing my early morning exercise bike routine. I wondered what you might think of it. I enjoyed reading your commentary.

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