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Purchased an Apple TV

Last night after work, I drove over to the Apple Store on Bay Street in Emeryville. Word had it that Apple TV would be in stock on Friday at Apple’s retail stores. Indeed, they were in stock, so I purchased the device.
The installation was simple and easy. I connected it to my [...]

Apple TV Shipping, Speculation Continues

Apple began shipping Apple TV yesterday. This device hooks up to a television, and can play movies and music from iTunes on a Mac or PC. As Apple promotes, “if it’s on iTunes, it’s on your widescreen TV.”
Since I only receive over-the-air broadcasts, I download episodes of TV shows that are only available [...]

Sony CEO’s Candid Interview

Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, recently gave an interview where he spoke openly and candidly about his company. The topics discussed included competitors Apple and Nintendo as well as the ongoing format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
It’s no secret that Sony is experiencing troubles in industries that it once dominated. [...]

Twitter and TinyURL, Useful Together

Twitter’s popularity has been increasing at an astounding rate, with a recent steep ascent attributable to the SXSW Interactive Festival. All of this attention has people debating the merits of the service.
Regardless of the outcome, Twitter is fun. It spawns projects like Prom Queen, a popularity contest based on your number of followers. [...]

Dreaming in Code

On Sunday night, I attended a Berkeley Cybersalon titled “Dreaming in Code.” The panel gathered to discuss the challenges of developing software. It was moderated by Scott Rosenberg, who recently published a book, the title of which served as the event’s namesake.
The group of panelists consisted of:

Chad Dickerson, Director of the Yahoo! Developer [...]