Dreaming in Code

On Sunday night, I attended a Berkeley Cybersalon titled “Dreaming in Code.” The panel gathered to discuss the challenges of developing software. It was moderated by Scott Rosenberg, who recently published a book, the title of which served as the event’s namesake.

The group of panelists consisted of:

One funny-because-it’s-true moment came when an audience member, whose name I did not catch, commented:

“If the structure of software were visible, there would be panic in the streets.”

The entire discussion was very interesting, and a recording is available. I highly encourage any member of this industry to listen.


Lonna Hanson
March 8, 2007 at 11:20 AM

I enjoyed reading your entry. I especially enjoyed the comment about “if the structure of software was visible there would be panic in the streets.” I definitely agree with that. It is a language most people don’t understand and quite possibly would not have the knowledge to ever understand. Glad that you could go and that you enjoyed it.

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