Purchased an Apple TV

Last night after work, I drove over to the Apple Store on Bay Street in Emeryville. Word had it that Apple TV would be in stock on Friday at Apple’s retail stores. Indeed, they were in stock, so I purchased the device.

The installation was simple and easy. I connected it to my television with an HDMI cable and plugged in the power. As soon as it was running, iTunes discovered the device and set-up was completed.

Movies and music play back flawlessly. Media can either be be synced to the device or streamed from iTunes. Additionally, the latest trailers can also be streamed directly off the Internet from Apple’s website.

It will be very interesting to watch where Apple takes this device. Because the software can be updated automatically, Apple can refine the interface and expand its capabilities.

If you own any videos purchased from the iTunes Store, Apple TV is a great addition to an entertainment center. I’ve posted photos of my system on Flickr.


Mile High Soapbox » Apple TV is Incredible!
March 24, 2007 at 8:05 PM

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Lonna Hanson
March 26, 2007 at 1:00 PM

I am so HAPPY for you. The Apple TV looks so awesome. I enjoyed reading your comments. Just ENJOY your Apple TV. You DESERVE it. I LOVED looking at the pictures on Flicker.

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