eMusic Subscription

This morning I subscribed to eMusic. eMusic, as the name implies, is a digital music service. It’s unique characteristic is that it is a subscription-based service. The subscription fee allows a fixed number of songs to be downloaded per month. For example, the eMusic Basic plan (my current subscription), allows 30 downloads for $9.99 per month.

The price can’t be beat. For less than the cost of a single record, you can download enough tracks to complete 2-3 albums. As an added bonus, all of the tracks downloaded from eMusic are in MP3 format, free of any DRM restrictions. That means the songs will play back on any device, including the iPod.

eMusic’s catalog consists of music primarily from independent labels. Their catalog contains over 2 million tracks from established and emerging artists. While songs gracing the Top 40 won’t be available, that fact won’t bother fans of independent music such as myself.

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