Minneapolis Vacation

I spent this past weekend away on vacation in Minneapolis. The four day break provided some much needed relaxation, as well as the chance to spend time with family and friends.

Friday (Day 1)

My flight landed in Minneapolis shortly after 4 o’clock in the afternoon. After collecting my luggage, I boarded the Metro Transit light rail. At Lake Street/Midtown Station, I transferred to route 53. That bus stopped at the intersection of Lake and Lyndale, near my friends’ house.

After the rest of the crew had arrived, we all hopped on bikes and rode down to the Metrodome to watch the Twins play the Brewers. We stopped by the ticket office and picked up tickets for the cheap seats. After eating dinner at a nearby pub, we joined the game during the second inning. The Twins were soundly defeated 11-3, as the Brewers found momentum from a Geoff Jenkin’s grand slam in the fourth inning.

Saturday (Day 2)

On Saturday, I spent time my parents and sister who drove up from eastern South Dakota. While waiting for them to arrive, time was passed attempting to beat Wii Sports records.

They arrived around noon, and we drove to the Mall of America. We spent a few hours catching up, chatting and shopping as we strolled through the mall. After checking into the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel, we headed out to P.F. Chang’s for dinner.

After dinner, I was dropped off back at my friends’ place, and parted company with my family. Charlie and Dave arrived from the velodrome a bit later, having not yet eaten. We went for sushi at Fuji Ya, the original Japanese restaurant in the Twin Cities. Charlie, who frequents the place and has an in with one of the chefs, was able to order an original creation not found on the menu. The sushi was amazing.

On the walk back home, we passed Bryant Lake Bowl, where we bowled a set of frames before calling it a night.

Sunday (Day 3)

On Sunday, Charlie and I rented kayaks at Lake Calhoun. With access to other lakes, we paddled across Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake. After that, we decided to brave the wind and white caps of Lake Calhoun itself. We had been warned of tip-overs earlier in the day, but we were up for the challenge.

Upon paddling into shore and returning our kayaks, we were informed that they were no longer allowing people on the lake on account of the windy conditions. On top of that, those people who had made it out were not being charged, so we got a free day on the lake.

Toward the end of the day, Matt arrived from a golfing trip in Iowa. Everyone then ventured out to Brave New Workshop for Improv a Go Go. There was a range of talent in the comedians, and at times most seemed to be performing a routine rather than improvising. But the admission only cost $1, so its hard to complain.

Matt and I stayed up late, talking about a whole range of geeky topics. Just like old times.

Monday (Day 4)

When Monday rolled around, my friends were off to their day jobs, leaving me to my own devices. For transportation, Charlie had left me his Motobecane to ride, and Matt and I had plans to meet for lunch.

I intended to take the scenic route to Matt’s workplace. Unfortunately, sheets of rain started falling, leaving me soaking wet. I turned around and took the shorter path through downtown Minneapolis. After lunch, the skies had cleared and the day was beautiful, perfect for a leisurely ride along the Mississipi riverfront.

Monday night was the culmination of my vacation, as Ryan Adams played at The Cedar Cultural Center. The show was absolutely incredible, deserving of its own post, which will follow shortly.

The photographs I took on Monday, from both the bicycle ride and concert, are available on Flickr.

Tuesday (The End)

My vacation came to a close on Tuesday morning, as I boarded my returning flight to SFO. It was great spending time with friends and family. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time. I’ll see you all again later.


Backdrifter: Ryan Adams at the Cedar Cultural Center
June 21, 2007 at 9:29 PM

[...] On Monday night, the last night of my vacation in Minneapolis, I had the fortune of seeing Ryan Adams at the Cedar Cultural Center. It was a rare and worthwhile opportunity to hear Ryan and his backing band The Cardinals play in an intimate setting. [...]


Lonna Hanson
June 21, 2007 at 2:01 PM

Wow, I just spent the MOST ENJOYABLE past 20 minutes or so reading your excerpts from your Minneapolis vacation. It just sounds like you had an incredible time. I LOVED the Flickr pictures. Dad, Janna, and my thanks to you for including us in a bit of your vacation time. It was just SO MUCH FUN. We just wouldn’t have missed it. I plan to come back and reread this just to relive the memories of Saturday.

June 21, 2007 at 3:25 PM

Sounds like you had a great vacation! The kayaking story was interesting – glad it turned out okay. Also sounds as if the concert was well worth the effort to get tickets and to get there – a fantastic way to end the vacation. I am sure spending time with your old college buddies was fun. Thanks for the update.

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