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Earthquake in the Night

I was awoken this morning by a shaking apartment, and the associated noise, as a 4.2 earthquake rattled the Bay Area. It hit at 4:42 AM with an epicenter beneath Oakland.
I remained out of bed for about 30 minutes after the quake, reading groggy Twitter messages from others, while waiting for any aftershocks. [...]

mongrel-soap4r 0.0.1

This weekend I polished up some code that had been sitting idle on my hard drive. With its new shine, it needed to be properly displayed, so I created a RubyForge project and released mongrel-soap4r 0.0.1.
mongrel-soap4r allows you to host SOAP-based web services using Mongrel as the underlying HTTP server. Incoming SOAP messages [...]


I’ve added a Flickr widget to the sidebar on the main page of this site.
As most people are aware, Flickr is an online photo sharing service. It has a lot of really nice features that make sharing photos both fun and easy. One of those features is the ability to post by email, [...]

Using .Mac Reader on Firefox

Along with the release of the iPhone, Apple also introduced a web application dubbed .Mac Reader. The purpose of .Mac Reader is to allow RSS feeds to be viewed using the iPhone.
Unfortunately, the application is restricted to use on the iPhone. Attempting to use any other browser to access .Mac Reader results in [...]

iPhone and Apple’s Market Strategy

The iPhone was finally released on Friday, allowing the feverish hype and anticipation to give way to experience and analysis. While there have been reports of quirks, the consensus on the device seems favorable.
With iPhones in hands, people can now properly address its impact on the future. Umair Haque, writing at Bubblegeneration, offers his [...]