mongrel-soap4r 0.0.1

This weekend I polished up some code that had been sitting idle on my hard drive. With its new shine, it needed to be properly displayed, so I created a RubyForge project and released mongrel-soap4r 0.0.1.

mongrel-soap4r allows you to host SOAP-based web services using Mongrel as the underlying HTTP server. Incoming SOAP messages will be routed to the standard SOAP4R library for processing.

This is the initial release, so it hasn’t been thoroughly tested and the documentation is sparse. But I’ll be remedying these problems, and would appreciate feedback and patches.

To install, execute the usual command:

> gem install mongrel-soap4r


JB Tellez
August 22, 2007 at 11:52 AM

Hi Jared,

Any simple examples of how to deploy?



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