Earthquake in the Night

EarthquakeI was awoken this morning by a shaking apartment, and the associated noise, as a 4.2 earthquake rattled the Bay Area. It hit at 4:42 AM with an epicenter beneath Oakland.

I remained out of bed for about 30 minutes after the quake, reading groggy Twitter messages from others, while waiting for any aftershocks. Strangely, none occurred, as the quake is still listed as the most recent by the USGS.

Both CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle have published articles about the event.


Lonna Hanson
July 20, 2007 at 2:04 PM

I am so glad that you got through another earthquake all in one piece. I heard about it right away this morning as I was watching CBS and the Early Show. Of course I got nervous and thought of you. The news commentator said that the earthquake was very near Oakland. GLAD YOU ARE OK.

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