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Adobe adds H.264 Codec to Flash

Adobe announced today that they are adding H.264 support to Flash Player. H.264, a standard for video compression, is getting a big boost, as Flash Player is the most widely deployed platform for rich media on the web.
Read/WriteWeb spoke to Mark Randall, Chief Strategist for Dynamic Media at Adobe, who claimed that this [...]

.Mac Needs Web Sync Services

Apple held a press conference today where they announced a few product updates, including iMac, iLife, and iWork. .Mac also received much needed enhancements, including more storage capacity and deeper iLife integration through Web Gallery.
While the new features are welcome, I personally will not be making much use of them. For my purposes, [...]

A Twitter-like Flickr

Dave Winer outlined his latest Twitter mashup today. It alerts the followers of his Twitter stream whenever he uploads a photograph from his iPhone to his stream on Flickr. A Twitter for pictures, as he exclaims.
His mashup demonstrates the power of simple APIs and data formats. It combines RSS 2.0, a specification [...]