Adobe adds H.264 Codec to Flash

Adobe announced today that they are adding H.264 support to Flash Player. H.264, a standard for video compression, is getting a big boost, as Flash Player is the most widely deployed platform for rich media on the web.

Read/WriteWeb spoke to Mark Randall, Chief Strategist for Dynamic Media at Adobe, who claimed that this represents a tipping point for H.264. In addition to Flash and its 98.7% adoption rate, the codec also serves as the basis for HD DVD and Blu-ray. Apple has also been touting its capabilities, making it the preferred format across their devices.

This is an important move for Adobe. It demonstrates their commitment to open formats and open standards, as they continue to develop their platform strategy with Flex, Flash, and AIR.

For the developers in the audience looking to delve into the gritty details, Tinic Uro, an engineer at Adobe, has provided an overwhelming amount of technical information.


Lonna Hanson
August 22, 2007 at 3:52 PM

It was very interesting reading this Jared. It is cool that the engineer at Adobe provided an overwhelming amount of technical information for his audience of developers.

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