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Google RE<C

Today, Google announced a new initiative, dubbed RE<C, the aim of which is to develop renewable energy sources that will generate electricity at a cheaper cost than coal. Combined with the philanthropic arm of, they expect to spend tens of millions of dollars, in 2008, on research and development as well as [...]

Apple Store Experience

I just got back from the Apple Store, Bay Street, where I picked up a copy of Mac OS X Leopard. I find myself in an Apple Store on a relatively frequent basis, yet each time I’m struck by the experience, which is always exquisitely crafted.
Apple’s attention to detail isn’t left unrewarded. Their [...]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1

I’ve finally upgraded the WordPress installation powering my weblog to 2.3.1, the latest available version. I was previously on 2.0.4, which, originally installed over a year ago, was archaic in Internet time.
I used the opportunity to factor out some of the elements of the website into WordPress plugins. That involved some interesting under-the-hood [...]