Apple Store Experience

I just got back from the Apple Store, Bay Street, where I picked up a copy of Mac OS X Leopard. I find myself in an Apple Store on a relatively frequent basis, yet each time I’m struck by the experience, which is always exquisitely crafted.

Apple’s attention to detail isn’t left unrewarded. Their retail stores are always bustling with people and the dollars are flowing. In most stores, when things get busy, you can expect to wait in line to complete your purchase. Not so at an Apple Store.

Each Apple Store has a few employees roaming around with handheld card readers. When I was ready to check out, one of them came over to scan my items and swipe my credit card. My email address is on file, so my receipt was sent electronically. No paper was involved in the process.

I was no more than two steps out the door, when my phone vibrated a couple times to indicate a new message. My receipt was in my pocket, easily and instantly.

What’s needed next is a widely accepted way to make payments with a mobile phone, as a replacement for credit cards. Then the entire process could be conducted electronically.


November 18, 2007 at 5:18 AM

This is the kind of retail experience that only a company like Apple can deliver. HP can’t. Dell can’t. MSFT can’t. When you control the whole widget you can control the whole experience. The Apple Stores were a huge gamble. But the attention to detail is what made them profitable. Your experience is similar to mine. I have always found the Mac superior to Windows/DOS, but now Apple is revolutionizing the retail experience. Wow.

November 18, 2007 at 6:52 AM

Wait in line at an Apple Store? I always have to wait in line there. You must be in a lucky store that has enough staff.
Whether I go to Montgomery Mall, Bethesda Row, Pentagon City, Clarendon, or Tysons Corner, there is always a line of customers. The people who might scan it are usually chatting up a storm with one of the other customers.

Lonna Hanson
November 19, 2007 at 11:16 AM

It is so COOL to hear your positive comments about the Apple Stores you shop at. I just get excited when I read your comments and your excitement. I am SO GLAD that you got a copy of Leopard.

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