Google RE<C

Today, Google announced a new initiative, dubbed RE<C, the aim of which is to develop renewable energy sources that will generate electricity at a cheaper cost than coal. Combined with the philanthropic arm of, they expect to spend tens of millions of dollars, in 2008, on research and development as well as strategic investments

Google’s massive data centers consume similarly massive amounts of energy. In constructing them, they’ve gained experience in designing efficient facilities. They are now looking to turn the tables, and apply their ideas to the generation of electricity.

It’s both exciting and inspiring to see technology companies focus attention on energy issues. Global warming is, obviously, one of the major challenges of our time. It requires forward thinking from across the spectrum of society, including governments, corporations, non-profits, and individuals.

Google clearly gets this, and has made their commitment clear. In classic Google fashion, they are also embracing openness while approaching the issue, as highlighted by Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab.

After all, as TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld muses:

Solving global warming is just a big engineering problem, right?


Lonna Hanson
November 30, 2007 at 11:06 AM

Very interesting, Jared! Global warming is a huge problem. Engineers may be able to make a difference in solving this problem.

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