Macworld 2008 Announcements

Steve Jobs kicked off Macworld 2008 with his keynote today. Unlike last year, where the iPhone was introduced, this year’s expo saw an evolution of Apple’s existing product lines.

The star of the show is the MacBook Air, an incredibly sleek and thin notebook. Billed as an ultra portable, it embraces wireless technologies and drops older technologies, including the optical drive.

My old PowerBook G4 is still alive and kicking, and serving my needs fine. So its the updates to other products that I’m most excited about.

Apple TV, a favorite gadget of mine, got a much-needed boost today. Movies can now be rented from the iTunes Store, and Apple TV has direct access. It’s no longer necessary to download a video into iTunes, and then sync it over to Apple TV. This will make it much more convenient to watch the latest releases.

One new product I am considering purchasing is Time Capsule. Dubbed a NAS device in tech lingo, it is essentially a hard drive that can be plugged into a network and shared amongst multiple computers.

I’ve tried several of these types of devices in the past, and never been very happy with them. I’m hoping that Time Capsule changes that. I’m waiting to read reviews, but indications are it’ll be simple to set up and well supported on Mac OS X. If that’s true, I’ll likely end up purchasing a capsule or two.

With any luck, I’ll manage to sneak over to the Moscone Center this week to catch a first-hand glimpse of the new wares.


Lonna Hanson
January 16, 2008 at 12:55 PM

The TimeCapsule device does sound especially intriguing. I always struggle with backing things up and still use the antiquated Zip Disks. Sometime I will need your expertise as to whether that would be an answer to my back up needs or if that is much too sophisticated for anything I would need. With me now having leopard that would seem a worthy idea.

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