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Apple and the Site-Specific Browser

Apple is skillfully meshing the pieces of their product line, using effortless networking and synchronization technologies, and the web as the hub around which everything revolves. Stowe Boyd, who blogs at /Message, hopes that Apple focuses its attention on the browser:

Just as I believe we are turning a corner where the truly connected will [...]

Macworld 2008 Announcements

Steve Jobs kicked off Macworld 2008 with his keynote today. Unlike last year, where the iPhone was introduced, this year’s expo saw an evolution of Apple’s existing product lines.
The star of the show is the MacBook Air, an incredibly sleek and thin notebook. Billed as an ultra portable, it embraces wireless technologies and [...]

OpenIDDevCamp Sessions

I headed into San Francisco today, bound for the offices of Six Apart, where OpenIDDevCamp is being held.
OpenID is an open protocol that allows people to login to websites using a single digital identity, eliminating the need to create another account at each new site you visit. It’s a relatively new technology, and not [...]