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I’m Presence Enabled

I’ve presence enabled, a micro-site of mine that I’m using to explore the myriad ideas and technologies centered around digital identity.
In it’s current incarnation, the site serves as a web-based business card. I can point people to a single destination, which in turn links to the various ways to get in contact with [...]

oEmbed FAIL! Represent RESTfully.

oEmbed is the latest standard to come out of the Web 2.0 developer crowd. While I’m typically a huge advocate of standards, and think much of the prior work has been superb, oEmbed fails on almost every level. So much so, in fact, that I’m writing this post to declare it worthless, and [...]

Configure BlackBerry Pearl as a Modem on Mac OS X

When I’m working away from my apartment or the office, I’m usually in a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. However, occasionally I’ll find myself in a location where the only connection available is via my AT&T account. In order to utilize that from my PowerBook, I’ve configured my BlackBerry Pearl as a Bluetooth [...]