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Emailtoid: A Tour in Screenshots

OpenID is one of the technologies under active development that will shape the evolution of the web. It offers a single sign-on solution for the web, eliminating the need to sign up for separate accounts at each site.
For example, I use to sign on to sites that support OpenID. Being a geek, [...]

Knowledge and the Crowdsourced Life

Yesterday, Mark Elgan pointed to an article he published which poses the question: Will gadgets make knowledge obsolete? It is interesting to ponder, because as he points out:

we’re going to have to face the problem of education in a world in which nearly all knowledge is available to everyone, instantly, all the time.

Take the [...]

Redefining Media and the Community Impact

Umair Haque has an interesting post at his Havas Media Lab that questions the traditional definition of media in an interconnected world.

We’re used to thinking of media in terms of yesterday’s categories – largely focused on either inert information or passive entertainment.
But do they apply anymore?

Why is expanding the definition of media important? Because it’s [...]

Server Migration Complete

For the past week, I’ve been encountering issues with the server that hosts my websites, including the site you are currently reading. After unsuccessfully trying to diagnose and fix the problem, I’ve upgraded to a new server and migrated all services and data to it.
I’ve been meaning to upgrade my server for some time, [...]