Server Migration Complete

For the past week, I’ve been encountering issues with the server that hosts my websites, including the site you are currently reading. After unsuccessfully trying to diagnose and fix the problem, I’ve upgraded to a new server and migrated all services and data to it.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my server for some time, but never had the motivation until last week’s problems arose. I’m very happy with the new server. It has improved specs across the board, and costs me half as much as the previous one.

Everything appears to be in order from my perspective. Depending on where you are located, DNS updates may take a couple days to propagate. If you notice anything that is broken, please let me know.


Lonna Hanson
June 16, 2008 at 2:03 PM

Your Backdrifter site came up perfectly today. Job well done. Thanks for saying Happy Father’s Day to Dad.

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