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Following Friends and Strangers

One of the more intriguing aspects of Twitter is the way they chose to describe relationships among people on their messaging network. Rather than using the conventional term “friends,” they chose to call people “followers.”
That was a unique insight in modeling social networks that is starting to be adopted by other services as well, [...]

Authorization Patterns – Approval and OAuth

As the web evolves, design patterns for authorization are emerging. When implementing authorization, there are two fundamental needs to address: interaction between people, and integration between systems.
The first case, interaction between people, is familiar to anyone using social networking sites like Facebook. When someone adds you as a friend, Facebook sends you a [...]

HTTP-based Protocol to Replace IMAP?

During a discussion at XMPP Summit 5, it was briefly suggested that XMPP could serve as a replacement for IMAP, a standard protocol for accessing electronic mailboxes and messages. While there are some optimizations that could be achieved with XMPP, IMAP is a well-entrenched protocol that will be around for decades to come.
I had [...]