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Hack the Debate

The debate is on, and set to start at the top of the hour!
Current is doing something interesting this time around, inviting people to Hack the Debate by posting messages to Twitter during the first 2008 Presidential Debate. Current will the overlay messages from the backchannel on their live broadcast. To participate, just [...]

David Letterman’s Reaction to John McCain

Last night, John McCain was scheduled to appear on the Late Show. That, of course, did not happen due to McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign in order to focus on resolving the crisis on Wall Street.
Sitting in my apartment, I watched as David Letterman reacted to the news and the absence of his [...]

Social Networking and Mobile Phones

While reading Here Comes Everybody, I highlighted a passage where Clay Shirky makes note of the fact that the phone is:

increasingly capable of sending messages and pictures to groups of people, not just to a single recipient (the historical pattern of phone use).

Having been using an iPhone 3G since the day of its release, I [...]