Hack the Debate

Hack the DebateThe debate is on, and set to start at the top of the hour!

Current is doing something interesting this time around, inviting people to Hack the Debate by posting messages to Twitter during the first 2008 Presidential Debate. Current will the overlay messages from the backchannel on their live broadcast. To participate, just add “#current” to a message.

Unfortunately, I only get over-the-air television, which doesn’t include Current, so I’ll be tuning in on KQED. But, that won’t stop me from posting messages, which can be followed on my Twitter stream. To see what everyone is saying, query #current on Twitter Search.


September 27, 2008 at 5:58 AM

I enjoyed the debate. Also enjoyed your twitter comments as the debate progressed. I still think you should consider an elected seat of some kind sometime.

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