Preparing for California’s General Election

There are only three weeks left until America votes on November 4th. I’ve been performing my civic duty, pouring over my copy of the Voter Information Guide, researching the initiatives and measures on the ballot.

I think it would be interesting to blog my positions, and the rationale behind them, so expect quite a few election-related posts to be published over the coming days. I consider my opinions to be well informed, but feel free to object in the comments if you disagree. I’m open-minded and willing to listen, so long as the argument is intelligent and reasonable.

As background and disclaimer, I’m a registered member of the Green Party. I agree strongly with the party’s 10 Key Values, and that agreement tends to demonstrate itself in the positions I take.


Lonna Hanson
October 14, 2008 at 9:03 AM

Very Interesting Jaed. I enjoyed reading about the Green Party, I also like the Party’s 10 Key Values. I will be watching for your blogs on your positions.

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