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Internet Identity Workshop 9

Two weeks ago, I attended Internet Identity Workshop 9 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. IIW brings together a group of people working on user-centric identity, and gives them a common time and place to collaborate with one another.
In the past, I’ve followed previous IIWs through blogs and mailing lists. I’ve [...]

Brett Slatkin on PubSubHubbub

Continuing in the series of entries derived from my notes taken during Mozilla Labs October meetup, this post covers Brett Slatkin’s talk about PubSubHubbub. PubSubHubbub is a simple publish/subscribe protocol for turning Atom and RSS feeds into real-time streams.
The publish/subscribe paradigm is commonly found throughout software engineering. In essence, a component of a [...]

Brad Fitzpatrick on WebFinger

Last week I went to the Mozilla Labs October meetup at Twitter HQ. Employees of Mozilla and Google presented their latest projects, which were very interesting for those involved in engineering the future of the Web. I intend to turn my notes from the gathering into two or three blog entries. This [...]

The Rise of the Data Web

Via a tweet by Tim O’Reilly, I came across an excellent post entitled The Rise of the Data Web, on Dataspora Blog (which I quickly subscribed to). The author, Michael E. Driscoll, summed up nicely an important trend occurring presently on the web.
The web originated as a set of documents and files served up [...]

User Interface Implications of Google Wave

I set aside the time tonight to watch the full hour and a half demo of Google Wave. Seeing the creators use their product shed some light onto the possibilities of the system. However, I’m glad I read the technical specifications before witnessing the user interface.
The initial focus and reaction around Google Wave [...]