Internet Identity Workshop 9

Two weeks ago, I attended Internet Identity Workshop 9 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. IIW brings together a group of people working on user-centric identity, and gives them a common time and place to collaborate with one another.

In the past, I’ve followed previous IIWs through blogs and mailing lists. I’ve always been impressed with the caliber of people that attend and the quality of work that results. This was the first IIW I attended in person, and my expectations were met.

IIW is organized in unconference style, with the agenda set by the participants. A grid is drawn on the wall, with meeting areas along the X-axis and time sessions along the Y-axis. With each day divided into slots, anyone can propose a topic and schedule it for an available room and time. The format works very well, and allows people to tailor the event to their desired focus, be it business, legal, technical, or cross-discipline.

Primarily for my own records, I’m listing the sessions I attended here. Where available, I’ve also linked to the notes found on the IIW wiki.

Day 1
Session 1: OpenID Artifact Binding (notes)
Session 2: Activity Streams
Session 3: Email Sucks What’s Next

Day 2
Session 4: Building Action Cards
Session 5: What an RP Needs
Session 6: The Hammer-Stack (notes)
Session 7: Webfinger
Session 8: Salmon Pixie Dust

Day 3
Session 9: Information Sharing
Sesison 10: WRAP
Session 11: Public Key Discovery
Lunch: Getting data into XRD
Session 12: Rich Sharing on the Web

The knowledge and ideas gained during these sessions will be influencing my projects going forward. Expect more detailed information on these topics to show up in future entries here on this blog.

I also took some photographs from the opening talks which are available on Flickr.


Lonna Hanson
November 18, 2009 at 11:29 AM

I thought that the format of the conference that made it about the needs of the participants was such a great idea.

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