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The Google Wave Announcement

The big news to hit the web today was the announcement of Google Wave at Google I/O. Described as “the e-mail of the future,” Wave is an ambitious project with a grand vision of unified communications.
A concise description of what Wave is, exactly, seems to be hard to formulate. You have to see [...]

People, Services and Content

A couple weeks ago, Marc Canter wrote a entry outlining the constructs of people, services and content. These are the central pillars around which collaboration software is structured.
Content, as a concept, encompasses a wide area. It could be a newspaper article, a radio program, a TV show, a spreadsheet or presentation. Creating [...]

Using Multiple Versions of Rake

Rake has become a critical component of my development toolchain. So much so that I have developed extensions, such as Chrysalis, to assist with common aspects of the build cycle.
However, due to time constraints, Chrysalis does not support the latest version of Rake (currently 0.8.3). The 0.8 branch reworked some of the internals, [...]

The Green Road to Prosperity

John Doerr a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has written an article on Scientific American in which he suggests:

America is confronting three interrelated crises: an economic crisis, a climate crisis and an energy security crisis. The country’s best response to all three is a bold, coor­dinated campaign of investment and incentives to accelerate [...]

Connecting VPN Tracker to Linksys BEFVP41

One of my priorities when setting up my new MacBook Pro was to allow VPN access into my home network. When I’m working in a cafe, it is occasionally handy to access files or data on a system at my apartment.
VPNs are notoriosly difficult to configure and maintain, and I wanted something that [...]