Jared Hanson

I am a passionate engineer with a focus on well-designed software. I take pride in developing solutions that enrich people's lives. Naturally curious, I have gained experience ranging from embedded devices to web applications, and all areas in-between.


  1. Founder & Software Engineer at Helixent Technologies

    Develop iFlicks, a movie organizer and player for Mac OS X. Uses Objective-C as well as core platform technologies, including Cocoa and QuickTime. Integrates with Amazon Associates Web Service for movie metadata.

    Develop a social networking framework in Objective-C. Supports the full stack of open web standards, including OpenID, OAuth, RSS, Atom, Activity Streams, Portable Contacts, EAUT, XRDS, etc.

    Develop an XMPP framework in both C++ (Qt) and Objective-C. Includes support for Jingle and PubSub extensions. Uses a stack-based XML parser implemented with libxml2.

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  2. Software Engineer at Aspera

    Develop a desktop application for controlling FASP transfers with a with a simple and familiar user interface. Transfers initiate via web applications or automatically via RSS feeds. Uses Qt as a cross-platform C++ toolkit.

    Develop a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for initiating FASP transfers. Exposes JavaScript APIs and drag-and-drop capabilities for use by web developers. Uses NPAPI, ActiveX, and WebKit APIs for browser integration.

    Developed a publish/subscribe messaging system for monitoring and control of FASP transfers. Exposes SOAP APIs with WS-Addressing and WS-Notification semantics. Uses open source libraries, including axis2c, libxml2, and sqlite3.

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  3. Software Engineer at Innovative Systems

    Developed general-purpose C++ libraries using object-oriented programming and design patterns, designed for reuse by applications in a Linux-based embedded system.

    Implemented STP, an OSI Layer 2 protocol for ensuring loop-free topology in bridged LANs, by interfacing with a Broadcom Ethernet controller present on the logic board of an embedded system.

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Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society
Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society