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Think Different

Cult of Mac recently sat down with John Sculley for an interview, in which he describes Steve Jobs and the methodology he uses to build products. Jobs is undisputably the premier modern “captain of industry,” and the observations and insights in the interview are fascinating.
The pair shared power at Apple until Jobs was forced [...]

Skype Announces A Future Announcement

As I was going through my morning routine, scanning news feeds and sipping coffee, my attention was grabbed by the TechCrunch headline “Skype Opens Up SkypeKit SDK To All Devices And Desktop Apps.” Being a developer and wanting deeper technical details, I eagerly click on over to SkypeKit. Rather than the detail I’m [...]

MobileMe Activation

Approximately one month ago, I received my new MacBook Pro and began the process of setting it up and configuring its software. One of the first things I did was use the discounted MobileMe activation key to renew my subscription.
Perhaps it was the clean, new sheen of the display, but I was struck by [...]

Apple and the Site-Specific Browser

Apple is skillfully meshing the pieces of their product line, using effortless networking and synchronization technologies, and the web as the hub around which everything revolves. Stowe Boyd, who blogs at /Message, hopes that Apple focuses its attention on the browser:

Just as I believe we are turning a corner where the truly connected will [...]

Macworld 2008 Announcements

Steve Jobs kicked off Macworld 2008 with his keynote today. Unlike last year, where the iPhone was introduced, this year’s expo saw an evolution of Apple’s existing product lines.
The star of the show is the MacBook Air, an incredibly sleek and thin notebook. Billed as an ultra portable, it embraces wireless technologies and [...]