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Macworld 2008 Announcements

Steve Jobs kicked off Macworld 2008 with his keynote today. Unlike last year, where the iPhone was introduced, this year’s expo saw an evolution of Apple’s existing product lines.
The star of the show is the MacBook Air, an incredibly sleek and thin notebook. Billed as an ultra portable, it embraces wireless technologies and [...]

iPhone and Apple’s Market Strategy

The iPhone was finally released on Friday, allowing the feverish hype and anticipation to give way to experience and analysis. While there have been reports of quirks, the consensus on the device seems favorable.
With iPhones in hands, people can now properly address its impact on the future. Umair Haque, writing at Bubblegeneration, offers his [...]

YouTube Coming Soon to Apple TV

At D5, during a conversation with Walt Mossberg, Steve Jobs unveiled a new feature coming to Apple TV. The device will soon be able to play videos from YouTube, the leader in online video.
During the interview, Jobs referred to Apple TV as a hobby, as opposed to a core business, for Apple.

The reason I [...]

Purchased an Apple TV

Last night after work, I drove over to the Apple Store on Bay Street in Emeryville. Word had it that Apple TV would be in stock on Friday at Apple’s retail stores. Indeed, they were in stock, so I purchased the device.
The installation was simple and easy. I connected it to my [...]

Apple TV Shipping, Speculation Continues

Apple began shipping Apple TV yesterday. This device hooks up to a television, and can play movies and music from iTunes on a Mac or PC. As Apple promotes, “if it’s on iTunes, it’s on your widescreen TV.”
Since I only receive over-the-air broadcasts, I download episodes of TV shows that are only available [...]