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Dreaming in Code

On Sunday night, I attended a Berkeley Cybersalon titled “Dreaming in Code.” The panel gathered to discuss the challenges of developing software. It was moderated by Scott Rosenberg, who recently published a book, the title of which served as the event’s namesake.
The group of panelists consisted of:

Chad Dickerson, Director of the Yahoo! Developer [...]

Earthquake and Aftershocks

The ground has been doing its share of shaking recently, and tonight has been no exception. A 4.2 magnitude earthquake, the biggest in my time spent living here, struck near Lafayette, CA at 8:40 PM. Its epicenter was approximately 10 miles from where I live in Berkeley.
This quake had a rolling, side-to-side motion, [...]

Earthquake in Berkeley

A 3.4 magnitude earthquake centered in Berkeley struck at 3:46 this afternoon. I was at the office during the quake, in a building which I suspect is not all that seismically sound. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but being on the second floor heightens the sensation a bit.
The quake was located [...]

Sleigh Bells and Shaking, Continued

Well, this has certainly been an interesting holiday. Another 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck again tonight, in about the same location as two nights ago. This one seemed to last a shorter amount of time, but it shook things around a bit more. All in all, minor, yet Mother Nature sure can make [...]

Sleigh Bells and Shaking

Apparently there is a major snowstorm in Colorado which has caused Denver International to close. According to CNN.com, as many as 3,000 people are stranded at the airport. The latest flight delay information from the FAA states that it is not known when DIA will reopen. As luck would have it, I’m scheduled [...]