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Ryan Adams at the Cedar Cultural Center

On Monday night, the last night of my vacation in Minneapolis, I had the fortune of seeing Ryan Adams at the Cedar Cultural Center. It was a rare and worthwhile opportunity to hear Ryan and his backing band The Cardinals play in an intimate setting.
The venue has a total seating capacity of 465, a [...]

Arcade Fire at the Greek Theatre

Arcade Fire closed out the final night of a two night stand yesterday at the Greek Theater. The show was also the last date on their US tour; following a three week break, their next stops will be in Europe. Arcade Fire is known for their live performances, and last night did not [...]

Bright Eyes at the Greek Theatre

Bright Eyes, along with many other talented musicians, took the stage last night at the Greek Theatre on the campus of UC Berkeley. The whole night, from 7:00 until 11:00, was filled with music, and both the bands and the audience seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Damien Rice at the Paramount Theatre

Last night I attended Damien Rice’s concert at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. Damien Rice is an Irish folk singer/songwriter known for his raw, emotional lyrics and voice.
His 14-song set, accompanied by his band, was excellent, if a bit short. The live performance was heavily electric, which stood in contrast to his recorded [...]

Haley Bonar at The Hotel Utah Saloon

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to Haley Bonar play at The Hotel Utah Saloon. I first saw her play live at the Turf Club, back in St. Paul, MN. I find her music to be both haunting and beautiful, so I was glad to have the opportunity to [...]