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Google’s Many Mobile Platforms

After a couple days of working through Apple’s infamous App Store bureaucracy, the latest version of Google Mobile App is available. The feature everyone is raving about is, of course, the ability to lift the phone to your ear and simply say what you are searching for. I’ve installed it on my iPhone, [...]

Google Releases Protocol Buffers as Open Source

Via Joe Gregorio, I discovered that Google has released one of their internal projects, Protocol Buffers, under an open source license. Protocol Buffers is a fast and efficient data serialization format, along with a simple RPC interface and IDL compiler.
I initially wondered why Google saw fit to define a binary serialization format, when both [...]

Google RE<C

Today, Google announced a new initiative, dubbed RE<C, the aim of which is to develop renewable energy sources that will generate electricity at a cheaper cost than coal. Combined with the philanthropic arm of Google.org, they expect to spend tens of millions of dollars, in 2008, on research and development as well as [...]

Google Gears Takes The Web Offline

Google held their Developer Day today, and took the opportunity to release Google Gears. Gears is a cross-platform, cross-browser plugin that allows web applications to function while offline.
Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, had the following statement regarding Gears:

“With Google Gears, we’re tackling the key limitation of the browser in order to make it a [...]

Windows Vista Launches – Few Care

After spending billions of dollars and 5 years in development, Microsoft launched Windows Vista on Tuesday. While a massive marketing effort is underway, few people are taking interest. Businesses are putting the system through internal testing, in an attempt to minimize headaches due to incompatibilities with crucial applications. Consumers, meanwhile, are best [...]