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HTTP-based Protocol to Replace IMAP?

During a discussion at XMPP Summit 5, it was briefly suggested that XMPP could serve as a replacement for IMAP, a standard protocol for accessing electronic mailboxes and messages. While there are some optimizations that could be achieved with XMPP, IMAP is a well-entrenched protocol that will be around for decades to come.
I had [...]

oEmbed FAIL! Represent RESTfully.

oEmbed is the latest standard to come out of the Web 2.0 developer crowd. While I’m typically a huge advocate of standards, and think much of the prior work has been superb, oEmbed fails on almost every level. So much so, in fact, that I’m writing this post to declare it worthless, and [...]

What is a Web Browser?

In response to my previous post about Apple and their use of site-specific browsers, Joe Clark replied with the following:

They aren’t “browsers” because they aren’t browsing the Web. In specific, the iTunes (Music) Store is not HTML.
Unless of course you are advocating an expansion of the meaning of the term.

Rather than advocating an expansion of [...]

The Message Passing Web

Objective-C is hands-down my favorite programming language. Even though I was taught primarily C++ in college, and indeed spend most of my time coding in that language, I consider knowledge of Objective-C to have given me the most useful insights into software design and architecture.
My Objective-C leanings lead me to use Ruby as a [...]