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Skype Announces A Future Announcement

As I was going through my morning routine, scanning news feeds and sipping coffee, my attention was grabbed by the TechCrunch headline “Skype Opens Up SkypeKit SDK To All Devices And Desktop Apps.” Being a developer and wanting deeper technical details, I eagerly click on over to SkypeKit. Rather than the detail I’m [...]

Google’s Many Mobile Platforms

After a couple days of working through Apple’s infamous App Store bureaucracy, the latest version of Google Mobile App is available. The feature everyone is raving about is, of course, the ability to lift the phone to your ear and simply say what you are searching for. I’ve installed it on my iPhone, [...]

Social Networking and Mobile Phones

While reading Here Comes Everybody, I highlighted a passage where Clay Shirky makes note of the fact that the phone is:

increasingly capable of sending messages and pictures to groups of people, not just to a single recipient (the historical pattern of phone use).

Having been using an iPhone 3G since the day of its release, I [...]

Apple Promises iPhone SDK

A note from Steve Jobs was posted to Apple’s hot news page today. In it, he promises that an SDK for the iPhone will be available in February. He proclaims:

With our revolutionary multi-touch interface, powerful hardware and advanced software architecture, we believe we have created the best mobile platform ever for developers.

Developers everywhere [...]

Using .Mac Reader on Firefox

Along with the release of the iPhone, Apple also introduced a web application dubbed .Mac Reader. The purpose of .Mac Reader is to allow RSS feeds to be viewed using the iPhone.
Unfortunately, the application is restricted to use on the iPhone. Attempting to use any other browser to access .Mac Reader results in [...]