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Google’s Many Mobile Platforms

After a couple days of working through Apple’s infamous App Store bureaucracy, the latest version of Google Mobile App is available. The feature everyone is raving about is, of course, the ability to lift the phone to your ear and simply say what you are searching for. I’ve installed it on my iPhone, [...]

Microsoft Silverlight Lights Up The Web

Yesterday, at their MIX07 conference, Microsoft revealed the full details of Silverlight, an in-browser runtime for delivering rich internet applications (RIAs). Microsoft’s marketing machine is in full effect, and doing a remarkable job. Initial impressions from analysts and developers alike are resoundingly positive.
Indeed, even I, not known for being a Microsoft advocate, am [...]

Windows Vista Launches – Few Care

After spending billions of dollars and 5 years in development, Microsoft launched Windows Vista on Tuesday. While a massive marketing effort is underway, few people are taking interest. Businesses are putting the system through internal testing, in an attempt to minimize headaches due to incompatibilities with crucial applications. Consumers, meanwhile, are best [...]