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Microformats in Firefox 3

Alex Faaborg, a User Experience Designer at Mozilla, recently blogged about microformats and their impact on Firefox 3. His thoughts were picked up by Read/WriteWeb and Ajaxian, yielding a good deal of attention.
After giving an excellent overview of what microformats are, he writes:

Much in the same way that operating systems currently associate particular file [...]

Adobe Donates ActionScript VM to Mozilla

Adobe has donated the source code to AVM2, their ActionScript virtual machine, to the Mozilla Foundation. The new project is known as Tamarin. As stated in the press release, this is the largest contribution to Mozilla since its inception. For the web development community, this is major news.
Adobe Flex is an application [...]

Firefox 2

Firefox 2 was officially released today. I’m currently using the new browser to write this very post, and I must say that this version is incredible. The browser runs faster, looks sleeker, and has terrific new features, including spell checking on web forms, handy for web-based email and blogging!
Included in the buzz surrounding [...]