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Damien Rice at the Paramount Theatre

Last night I attended Damien Rice’s concert at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. Damien Rice is an Irish folk singer/songwriter known for his raw, emotional lyrics and voice.
His 14-song set, accompanied by his band, was excellent, if a bit short. The live performance was heavily electric, which stood in contrast to his recorded [...]

eMusic Subscription

This morning I subscribed to eMusic. eMusic, as the name implies, is a digital music service. It’s unique characteristic is that it is a subscription-based service. The subscription fee allows a fixed number of songs to be downloaded per month. For example, the eMusic Basic plan (my current subscription), allows 30 [...]

Haley Bonar at The Hotel Utah Saloon

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to Haley Bonar play at The Hotel Utah Saloon. I first saw her play live at the Turf Club, back in St. Paul, MN. I find her music to be both haunting and beautiful, so I was glad to have the opportunity to [...]