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Google Offers OAuth Alternative to Improve Security

Google is now offering two-factor authentication, making sign-in more secure.
It’s an extra step, but it’s one that significantly improves the security of your Google Account because it requires the powerful combination of both something you know—your username and password—and something that only you should have—your phone. A hacker would need access to both of these [...]

Authorization Patterns – Approval and OAuth

As the web evolves, design patterns for authorization are emerging. When implementing authorization, there are two fundamental needs to address: interaction between people, and integration between systems.
The first case, interaction between people, is familiar to anyone using social networking sites like Facebook. When someone adds you as a friend, Facebook sends you a [...]

OpenIDDevCamp Sessions

I headed into San Francisco today, bound for the offices of Six Apart, where OpenIDDevCamp is being held.
OpenID is an open protocol that allows people to login to websites using a single digital identity, eliminating the need to create another account at each new site you visit. It’s a relatively new technology, and not [...]