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Google Acquires JotSpot

Yesterday, Google announced their acquisition of JotSpot, a company that developed wiki applications. Wikis are collaborative websites that a group of people can edit and update with new information. This acquisition is another sign of Google’s office intentions, and reveals in greater detail that collaboration is their focus.
Read/WriteWeb has a wealth of information [...]

Office 2.0.1

As a follow on to my entry on the opening day of the Office 2.0 Conference, I thought I’d take a look at the challenges facing both office 2.0 applications and the enterprises seeking to adopt 2.0 methodologies. For background, I recommend reading the post show analysis from IT|Redux, where Ismael Ghalimi presents a [...]

Office 2.0

On the opening day of the Office 2.0 Conference, Google decided to merge Writely and Google Spreadsheets into Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Google’s been playing it coy with their office-suite plans, but recent maneuverings make their intentions clear.
(Aside: Is it just me, or is Google second only to Microsoft in poor product naming? [...]