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People, Services and Content

A couple weeks ago, Marc Canter wrote a entry outlining the constructs of people, services and content. These are the central pillars around which collaboration software is structured.
Content, as a concept, encompasses a wide area. It could be a newspaper article, a radio program, a TV show, a spreadsheet or presentation. Creating [...]

Emailtoid: A Tour in Screenshots

OpenID is one of the technologies under active development that will shape the evolution of the web. It offers a single sign-on solution for the web, eliminating the need to sign up for separate accounts at each site.
For example, I use http://jaredhanson.net to sign on to sites that support OpenID. Being a geek, [...]

OpenIDDevCamp Sessions

I headed into San Francisco today, bound for the offices of Six Apart, where OpenIDDevCamp is being held.
OpenID is an open protocol that allows people to login to websites using a single digital identity, eliminating the need to create another account at each new site you visit. It’s a relatively new technology, and not [...]