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Setting Up a Ruby Environment on Mac OS X 10.7

I recently picked up a new Mac mini, so I could have a stand-alone development system. One of the nice things about a fresh system is that it offers a clean slate on which to install development tools.
Ruby is one of the languages I use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the proliferation of [...]

Using Multiple Versions of Rake

Rake has become a critical component of my development toolchain. So much so that I have developed extensions, such as Chrysalis, to assist with common aspects of the build cycle.
However, due to time constraints, Chrysalis does not support the latest version of Rake (currently 0.8.3). The 0.8 branch reworked some of the internals, [...]

VStudioIDE & XcodeIDE Released

I’ve just released initial, 0.1.0, releases of two Ruby libraries, VStudioIDE and XcodeIDE. VStudioIDE is a parser for Visual Studio solution files, and XcodeIDE parses Xcode project files.
My main motivation for writing these libraries was to get at the build configurations, so convenience methods are provided for reading those. However, a full parse [...]

Chrysalis 0.1.0 Is Out

Last night I released the initial version of Chrysalis, a simple, yet powerful dependency manager built on Ruby and Rake. This morning, the gem has circulated out to the mirrors, so the launch is off the ground.
I’ve long thought that building applications, along with their dependencies, could be easier and more efficient. Chrysalis [...]

mongrel-soap4r 0.0.1

This weekend I polished up some code that had been sitting idle on my hard drive. With its new shine, it needed to be properly displayed, so I created a RubyForge project and released mongrel-soap4r 0.0.1.
mongrel-soap4r allows you to host SOAP-based web services using Mongrel as the underlying HTTP server. Incoming SOAP messages [...]