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Ruby on Rails 1.2 Released

Ruby on Rails 1.2 has been released! This is the latest version of the popular framework for building web applications. Coinciding with this release of Rails 1.2 is the release of Prototype 1.5. Prototype is the JavaScript framework that powers the rich functionality of many web applications.
Ruby on Rails dramatically altered the [...]

Strongtalk VM for Ruby?

RubyConf 2006 wrapped up last weekend, with one of the most debated topics being Ruby 2.0 and the need for a new virtual machine. Adding fuel to the fire was the announcement that Ruby 2.0 would eliminate (temporarily?) support for continuations and green threads.
This announcement came down from the top, by both Matz and [...]

The Message Passing Web

Objective-C is hands-down my favorite programming language. Even though I was taught primarily C++ in college, and indeed spend most of my time coding in that language, I consider knowledge of Objective-C to have given me the most useful insights into software design and architecture.
My Objective-C leanings lead me to use Ruby as a [...]